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Carpenter Community Charter Governance Council

As a district-affiliated charter school, Carpenter has significant autonomy over policies, programs, and procedures at the school. The school's Governance Council, comprised of elected teacher, parent, and staff representatives, participates in decisions regarding curriculum, hiring, budget, enrollment, and day-to-day and long-term concerns. The Governance Council acts in an advisory role to the school's administration.

Governance Council 2016-17
Bottom Row (Left to Right: Lucia Shashoian, Gretchen Goldsmith, Joe Martinez, Melodie Hong, Stephanie Wimmer, Ripsime Arakelian
Middle Row (Left to Right): Kirsten Abdo, Joel Tantalo, Beth Rylaarsdam, Brenda Sepulveda, Heidi Reber
Top Row (Left to Right): Lourdes Diaz, Mike Watts, Oliver Latsch, Nick Glover, Ryan Shervington

Governance Council Composition

There are 16 representatives on the Governance Council. Elections are held in the fall of each year to fill vacant Governance Council positions. Representatives are elected to a two-year term by their respective constituencies.

Parent Representatives

Oliver Latsch, Council Chair, Executive Committee: oliverlatsch@mac.com
Gretchen Goldsmith, Council Vice Chair: gretchengoldsmith@pacbell.net
Joel Tantalo, Council Secretary: joel.tantalo@gmail.com
Mike Watts, Council Parliamentarian: mikewatts1023@gmail.com
Kirsten Abdo, Parent Representative: kirsten@abdo.net
Lourdes Diaz, Parent Representative: lourdes.diaz@mac.com
Beth Rylaarsdam, Parent Representative: erylaarsdam@aol.com
Lucia Shashoian, Parent Representative: luciaxt@hotmail.com

Staff Representatives

Joseph Martinez, Principal, Executive Committee: Call School Office
Melodie Hong, Teacher Representative, Executive Committee: mjj0329@lausd.net
Ripsime Arakelian, Classified Representative: Call School Office
Nick Glover, Teacher Representative: nag8442@lausd.net
Heidi Reber, Teacher Representative: heidi.reber@lausd.net
Ryan Shervington, Teacher Representative: ryanshervi@yahoo.com
Brenda Sepulveda, Teacher Representative: Mrs.B.Sepulveda@gmail.com
Stephanie Wimmer, Teacher Representative: mrs.wimmer@yahoo.com


Governance Council meetings are generally held every third Thursday of the month at 2:45 pm in Café West. Meetings are open to the public. Parents, guardians, and all members of the community are encouraged to attend.

If you want to place an item on the agenda and/or have a concern or idea you wish to make known to the Council, please contact carpentergovernance@gmail.com. You can also raise an issue during the Public Comment period. Public Comments are limited to three minutes per speaker, per issue. You will be asked to sign in at the beginning of the meeting. Monthly meeting times and dates are posted on the school calendar and are announced in Carpenter's weekly email blast. Meeting notices and agendas are posted on the Governance Council bulletin board in the school's main hallway at least 72 hours in advance and can also be found on the school's website.


The Council has established certain advisory committees in order allow broader participation and to help the Council operate more efficiently as it works towards achieving the goals outlined in our charter. These committees meet separately from the Governance Council and report their progress at the regular monthly Council meetings. Committee meetings are posted on the school calendar and on the Governance bulletin boards. There are no requirements to being a member of any of these committees. Any member of our school’s community can attend committee meetings and speak and vote on the issues. 

Our standing committees include:
Budget & Finance
Positive Behavior
Strategic Planning

Ad hoc committees are established when a specific issue requires a dedicated team to conduct research before a governance decision is made. Our current ad hoc committees include:
Extracurricular Programs

Get Involved in Our School's Future

Participation in the Governance Council is informative, rewarding, and vital to our school's future. Here are a few ways you can become involved:

  • Attend monthly meetings – meetings are open to the public and details can be found on the website and in the school wide email blast
  • Stay up-to-date by reading meeting minutes and committee reports on the website (posted after each meeting)
  • Consider running to become a parent representative in our next election
  • Become involved in the school's future – seek out Council representatives when you have a concern, idea, or want to participate on a committee