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Field Trips

C. Field Trips

Each class is allocated 2 field trips per year. This may vary with each teacher, so please check with your individual teacher to see what they have planned. Sometimes the teacher likes to handle the whole thing. Kinder classes must stay on campus and the kinder liaison team will bring in the field trip and will request money from you from your class fund.

For grades 1 – 5, field trips happen 2 different ways: walking, or via bus. Carpenter Community Charter covers the cost for 1 bus per class @ $370. Each bus holds 65 people. For grades 1-3, it’s ideal for classes to share a bus for the shared expense, as well as the shared experience. For grades 4 & 5 one bus per class due to class size. Classroom contributions can be used to procure additional buses for the field trip (grades 1 – 5) providing the trips are grade level, content based.

ALL field trips are to be related to your specific grade level and content based. All field trips must be listed on the master list of approved field trips found in the main office. (Please do not remove this list from the office.) If the preferred destination is not on the list, a request for approval must be submitted to the office at least 45 days in advance in order to receive approval from the Local District office.

Helpful Guidelines:
1. Designate one of the room parents to be the Field Trip Coordinator.
2. Submit the paperwork, at least one month in advance, and secure the buses.
3. Schedule around enrichment classes and not during the last two weeks of school, or conflict with any school assemblies, special programs, or events.
4. Field trips on Tuesdays must return no later than 1:00pm and on other days must return no later than 2:00pm.
5. The money for your field trip should be taken out of the class fund. No child will be excluded from a trip or activity because they cannot afford it. (See example letter attached).
6. Submit paperwork at least one month prior to your trip. This paperwork includes:
(A) Schedule Request form (see forms after Field Trip Sample Letter) and 
(B) the LAUSD Request Trip form (ask your teacher for their employee number) and hand in to the office. For line #13 for most field trips, put community in this space. At the same time, you must submit your "Send Home Letter", the informational letter to parents. 
(C) Requests for school buses:

  • Fill out the form "Los Angeles Unified School District, Application for Auxiliary Transportation/Trip(s), Donations 3938 Form". This form is available at the office.
  • Your teacher must process the bus forms and trip permissions form (also available in the office) with the office personally.
  • Ask your teacher to write a cover letter. See the attached sample letter - the cover letter should be written by your teacher, explaining the purpose of the trip and the educational goals it supports.
  • If a bus is arranged, all students and volunteer chaperones must ride the bus to the field trips. If there is insufficient room on the bus, volunteer chaperones only may ride separately but must still be limited to the previously mentioned ratio UNLESS the teacher feels the need for additional assistance on a particular trip. Please note that classroom aides attending are exempt from the total chaperone count.
  • Once all approvals are obtained, the bus is facilitated by the office (Ms. Ana Herrera is in charge). Teachers should contact the office to get information about the bus. The class, or classes, will reimburse the office for the cost of the bus.

7. Once the office has approved the field trip, your teacher will be notified. The field trip will also be placed on the calendar in the main office. Now you will be able to pick up permission slips from the office.
8. Send the informational letter, detailing the trip (see sample letter on p.9) including the permission slips home to the parents for signatures no later than 2 weeks prior to the field trip.

Once you have received each child's completed trip slips back from home, please REVIEW ALL returned slips to insure that they have all the information COMPLETED and that there are parent signatures on BOTH top and bottom portions of the trip slip. Children with INCOMPLETE trip slips will NOT be allowed to participate on the field trip.