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E4. Dance-A-Thon (DAT)

DAT is Friday, February 10, 2017! This is a school-wide event to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money. It’s a also a lot of fun. This year’s DAT will take place after school on a minimum day ending at 12:43. Students are asked to raise money either based on a per song amount or a single amount for participating.

The whole school is going to dance together from 1pm until approx. 2:15pm.

We are working hard to make sure DAT will be one of our biggest fundraisers, like Walk-A-thon always was. It’s going to be a festive, community-building day, but it takes a lot of volunteers to make it happen! Room parents play a big role in the coordination of each of their classes both ahead of the day and on the day of the event. It will be important for you to help coordinate volunteers to be at the school for the event.

Questions: Contact Rebecca Collister – rebeccahedrick@mac.com.

Ahead of the event:

  • You will receive a room parent packet from your teachers containing dance cards on lanyards, completion certificates, participation certificates, your grade (new this year!) color assignment, a "day of" schedule and online donation information.
    • Send out an email notification a week ahead of time to your class to announce the color of your class team. Encourage everyone to wear the grade color. This makes it easier for all volunteers to know who is in your grade and make the students feel more like a team. Each grade will have a designated area on the field designated by colored balloons that coordinates with your dance card tags.
  • Encourage parents to donate online for their child through the Dance-A-Thon link on the Carpenter homepage.
  • Because it is hectic on the day of the event, it's helpful to write the student's names on the dance cards and the completion certificates beforehand.
  • Create a sign-up sheet so that you have at least 5-6 volunteers the day of the event. It really is a lot of fun and shouldn’t be hard to recruit people. The more the merrier!
  • Recruit parent volunteers to make signs cheering on your grade. In past years, room parents have also gotten pompoms or funny hats in their grade color.

The Day of the Event:

  • Have your volunteers at the class before the dance time to put lanyards on the children and on the designated dance area for the time your class dances to assist in marking the dance cards and general crowd control. This is always such a fun day that parents end up having a fun time with their kids. Encourage everyone to come out and cheer.
  • In an effort to be as green as possible, encourage every child to bring and use their refillable water bottles. They can fill up as needed on the track.
  • Bring enough felt tip markers (not ball point) for each volunteer to have their own for dance card marking. When a student decides they are finished dancing, they will go to a volunteer to have their card markedto get creit for all the songs danced. The children who make it to the end of the event will get credit for all songs!

After the Event:

  • You will need to collect the dance card, write the number of songs danced on each student's completion certificate, and distribute the certificates and the dance cards to each student.
  • If there are money envelopes to turn in from students on the day of the event, you can bring them to the first aid/information table and give to the person in charge of the DAT. When money comes in to the classrooms after the event you can bring the envelopes to the office.

We have a few different incentives that you can help rally your class:

  • There will be prizes for the kids who raise the most money.
  • There will be a drawing for fun and fabulous prizes for every student who raises any amount of money.
  • Every student who raises $100.00 will receive an exclusive 2017 DAT t-shirt.