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Classroom Website/Communication

1. Classroom Website/Communication

The very first assignment for all room parents is to assemble a class roster and to put together a class website, i.e. Shutterfly. For the class contact information, see your teacher, who, hopefully has collected it by that time or collect on back to school night.

Please stress that this information is for class use only and is circulated only to families of children in your classroom.

The following is an example introductory letter to your class:

Dear Room __ Families,

Hello!  I hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!  I want to introduce your Room Parents for this year.   __________ (_______’s Mom), _________ (_____'s Mom) and myself ________________ (________'s Mom).

We look forward to getting to know you and your children and helping to make this first year of school fun and as easy to navigate as possible! You can help us by doing a few things...please keep a look out for our emails that will come with the subject line above.  Occasionally if there is something time sensitive "URGENT" will be added. Please read these emails thoroughly as there will be detailed info for you with needs and updates in your child's classroom or with info from other school committees or the school in general. Paying careful attention to these emails will ensure your child will not to be left out of anything going on at school.  Also, the Carpenter website is a great source of info - http://www.carpentercharter.org.

We will use email as our main source of communication and we will use Shutterfly for classroom volunteer sign up for class events. Mrs. _______ also uses Shutterfly to communicate and to ask for items needed from her classroom wish list. Parent volunteering in the room, she will handle on her own with a sign up on paper outside the door.  If you have not signed up on our class shutterfly site please do so asap on this link https://___________________This is also a great source to connect with other families for play dates and birthdays.

In order to help our classroom function throughout the year and allow our kids to participate in fun field trips, the Gala Art Project, get a yearbook, etc., we are requesting a voluntary donation of $100.00 per child to cover the cost of the items listed below.  You can donate via venmo or paypal at the following addresses: If you need to write a check that is fine and you can leave with Mrs. ______. No cash please.

Budget Breakdown...
Field Trips - $25
Carpenter Gala Ticket – Teacher & Guest/aide - $16
Carpenter Gala Art Project - $5
Yearbook - $25
Teacher/aide Holiday Gift - $12
Teacher/aide Year End Gift - $12
Misc. Expense - $5

A few reminders and other ways to help us...help you make the year run smoothly...

  • If you intend to volunteer in the classroom, you must have a current TB Test and have the paperwork on file in the main office prior to volunteering.
  • Please take photos of your kids and their friends in class and at school activities throughout the year and add them to our shutterfly page as I will use some of these at the end of the year for the yearbook and if we all take pics it gives a good selection to choose from.
  • Join Carpenter's "Official" Face Book Page -  https://www.facebook.com/carpentercommunity/
  • If donating to the Parents For Carpenter Annual Giving Campaign is still on your To Do List please go to the link below. Remember, this donation ensures our kids keep the amazing Enrichment Classes they love and many schools don't have access to! https://carpenteres.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/AGC20142015/Registration/tabid/549615/Default.aspx
  • Please sync the Carpenter school calendar from the website to your calendar asap.  http://www.carpentercharter.org/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1412586749468
  • Read the Sunday night Eblast that the school sends out. If you do not get it you should contact the main office to have your email added. This goes the same for the Sunday night robo call from Mr. Martinez. Your kid's love hearing him call their house...and sometimes he tells them to get to bed...which is an added bonus!