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Carpenter Community Charter

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    PTA Election Meeting! April 18th at 8:15 am – Auditorium

    PTA is holding annual board elections! Everyone who was a PTA member by March 18, 2023 can vote or nominate for board positions. Even if you didn’t join in time, please join us to see your PTA in action and learn about all the amazing things we do!

    In accordance with our bylaws, our nominating committee has put together a slate of candidates:

    President - Elisabeth Stassen running for a second one-year term

    Executive Vice President - Liza Williams running for a first one-year term

    Vice President - Alison Lapinski running for a first one-year term

    Secretary - Genevieve Jenkins running for a first one-year term

    Financial Secretary - Andy Holmer running for a first one-year term

    Treasurer - Dina Dunn-Polot running for a second and final one-year term

    Historian - Laurissa Gold running for a second and final one year- term

    In addition to this slate, any member of our PTA, who has been a member since at least March 18th 2023, can nominate themselves or other members for any of these board positions during the elections meeting on April 18th, 2023.

    Help spread the word! If you know local families who plan to send their children to Carpenter this fall, let them know enrollment for 2023-24 is open! Eligibility for TK has expanded so early enrollment will help our faculty and staff better plan for this fall. Thanks for sharing information about our amazing school.

    2023-2024 Enrollment

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