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Every Kid Counts

Every Kid Counts Committee

In Every Kid Counts we believe Every Kid Counts always and equally. We work to create an inclusive environment where every child feels welcome and supported. We celebrate differences and invite everyone to do the same.

Every Kid Counts week is held in April. We coordinate various events, speakers and resources to promote inclusion and understanding of all students.

Our subcommittee Every Parent Counts believes Every Parent Counts always and equally. Sometimes we need support. EPC committee helps guide families to various Education Services and services in the community. Our committee also seeks to continue to support families at Carpenter that have children with Special Needs/Learning Differences through the IEP/504 process. We are also here just to listen, if that’s what you need.

We are always in need of volunteers to help with various events and or to serve on the committee. Please contact Anna Dopheide ( if you would like to participate or get assistance from this committee.

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Every Kid Counts Week 2020 Videos:
Filling Your Bucket/Words of Encouragement
"You’re the Only One of You”