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The Governance Council has established advisory committees to help the Council operate more efficiently as it works towards achieving the goals outlined in our charter. These committees meet separately from the Governance Council and report their progress at the regular monthly Council meetings. All member of our school’s community are encouraged to attend committee meetings. In committee meetings, all attendees are welcome to speak and vote on issues. There are no requirements to be a member of any of committee. Involvement in committees allows broader participation by giving all stakeholders the opportunity to contribute, research, and make recommendations to our school Council.

Standing committees provide guidance on on-going school issues while ad-hoc committees are established when a specific issue arises that requires a dedicated team effort to provide research before a governance decision can be made.


Budget & Finance Committee: David Rubio ( and Mike Watts (

  • Prepares the school budget each year, based on various sources of funding received and the needs of the school.
  • Requires the participation of school staff (Principal and School Administrative Assistant), PFC and PTA representatives, and additional "at large" members of the community.
  • Meeting date/time/location varies.

Curriculum Committee: Orit Edelman (

  • Researches and develops curriculum recommendations based on the educational program outlined in the Charter
  • Committee's focus will include technology curriculum, DIBELS testing, new curriculum and standards (Singapore Math, Common Core) and Homework policy.

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI): Renece Salaam (

Safety Committee: Oliver Latsch (

  • Oversees safety and security for students and all other community members both on campus and on the school's perimeter
  • Meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30am in the Library.

Strategic Planning Committee: Colin Sweeney (

  • Creates specific plans/processes to implement the education program as spelled out in the Charter.
  • Involves the periodic resetting of mid-to-long term strategic direction and priorities; subcommittees focus on key issues and the specific initiatives needed to attain long terms strategic goals.
  • Evaluates future school model options.
  • Meets the third Monday of each month at 2:30pm in Room 30.

Technology Committee: Steve Grushcow (

  • Surveys technology inventory, develops/refines the school technology plan (based on a school-wide technology curriculum), and works with the Grant Committee on pursuing technology related grants.
  • Meets every sixth Tuesday.

Welcoming Committee


Bylaws Committee

  • Forms once a year to review bylaws and make recommendations to Council

Communications Committee: Elisabeth Stassen ( and Netta Most (

  • Reviews policies and recommends procedures to ensure efficient, timely communication with the Carpenter community

Elections Committee

  • Organizes, promotes, and executes Governance Council elections for Parent Representatives

Extracurricular Programs Committee

  • Recommends guidelines for summer and after school programs that want to utilize the Carpenter campus

Grants Committee

  • Responsible for researching, evaluating, and applying for competitive grants

Attendance Committee

  • Research school attendance data to identify new strategies for improving the number of students attending school at least 96% of the time
  • Continue implementing school-wide incentive program to reward students monthly for perfect attendance; communicate with parents of children not meeting 96% objective; promote attendance goals with all stakeholders