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Cursive Policy

Carpenter Community Charter’s Cursive Policy

  • For the 2016-2017 school year and beyond, 3rd graders should be able to write full paragraphs in cursive by March so that they are able to write exclusively in cursive for the rest of the school year, thereby practicing and refining their skills.
  • In 4th grade—From August through December students should be required to write in cursive for all final-draft writing assignments, with individual accommodations made when necessary. After the winter break from January through June, students should be required to write in cursive for assignments in all subject areas, with individual accommodations made when necessary.

3rd and 4th grade will use the Scholastic program for cursive: Integrated Language Arts Handwriting Practice, Grade 3. There are in-class materials as well as matching homework materials. 4th grade will use these materials as well, when cursive review is necessary.