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Classroom Communication/Shutterfly

1. Classroom Communications/Shutterfly

The very first assignment for all room parents is to meet with your fellow room parents and teacher. Assemble a class roster and to put together a class website, i.e. Shutterfly. For the class contact information, see your teacher, who, hopefully has collected it by that time, asked the office for a list or if all else fails, collect on back to school night. Designate one RP for communication.

Please stress that this information is for class use only and is circulated only to families of children in your classroom.

The following is an example teacher meeting agenda:

  • Student Birthday
  • Shutterfly setup
  • Door decoration
  • Scholastic reader
  • Divide RP duties(treasurer, communication, yearbook/pics)
  • Yearbook photos
  • Field trips
  • Help in classroom/cleaning
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Holiday/party
  • Gala art?
  • End of year events/dates?

Please send a welcome letter to the class from the room parents.

The following is an example introductory letter to your class:


Dear Room __ Families,
Hello! I hope everyone's school year is off to a great start! We would like to introduce ourselves __________ (_______’s Mom or Dad), _________ (_____'s Mom or Dad) and myself ________________ (________'s Mom or Dad) we will be your room parents this year!!

We look forward to getting to know you and your children and helping to make this year of school as easy to navigate as possible! You can help us by doing a few things...please keep a look out for our emails. If there is something time sensitive then "URGENT" will be added. Please read these emails thoroughly as there will be detailed information for you with needs and updates in your child's classroom or with information from other school committees or the school in general. Paying careful attention to these emails will ensure your child will not to be left out of anything going on at school.

Also, the Carpenter website is a great source of info -

Below our class Shutterfly link is information on three very important "asks" of Carpenter families. We understand it is a lot of information at once but please know that they are all very different and very important pieces of what gives Carpenter the ability to offer our students a whole child education. The list is not exhaustive but includes everything from class field trips (which will be virtual this year and still amazing) to a robust enrichment program to school assemblies. All of these are provided by your contributions to three different platforms as you will see below.


Our class website will be on shutterfly where we will post our class contact list, volunteer opportunities if we return to school and photos of our kids to share for the yearbook or otherwise. Please take a look at the shutterfly site and edit any details for your family as you wish.



In order to help our classroom function throughout the year and allow our kids to participate in possible virtual field trips, get a yearbook, contribute to the Gala class auction basket, etc. we are requesting a voluntary donation of $100.00 per child to cover the cost of the items listed below. You can donate via venmo or paypal at the following addresses: THIS IS WHERE YOU ENTER YOUR OWN PERSONAL INFO AND I WOULD ALSO INSERT IMAGE OF YOUR VENMO SCAN CODE AS WELL.

Budget Breakdown per child:
Field Trips - $25
Yearbooks - $30
*Carpenter Gala Class Basket /or gala tickets for teachers & aides - $16
Teacher/aide Holiday Gift - $12
Teacher/aide Year End Gift - $12
Misc. Expense - $5

Total - $100


Again, please remember that the class contribution is VOLUNTARY. The amount that we collect may affect what we do as a class but absolutely no child will be excluded. Thank you!


PFC funds crucial needs including our enrichment program (Science, Music, Dance, Media Lab, Art, P.E. Restorative Justice), updated technology, campus upgrades, classroom teacher needs, plus a large teaching and aide staff.

Your donations to the Annual Giving Campaign directly impact your child, our school and the services we are able to provide our children and their teachers. We are working hard to bring the Carpenter education and experience home to your child and be ready to support our school when we return to campus! Every family is encouraged to donate and show off their Carpenter pride with the collectible car magnet. If you make your donation before 9/20 you will get two magnets!

Annual Giving Campaign


PTA funds many in-school programs, virtual programs and activities such as Assemblies, Halloween Carnival, Student Aid, Parent Education, Community Service Projects and so much more. We are committed to providing for the health and welfare of our children and their families; all of our programs are designed with that in mind. Everyone is encouraged to become a PTA member.

Please take a moment to learn more about Carpenter PTA by visiting

You can join now at Carpenter Community Charter PTA

If you have any questions, feel free to email. Thank you all for your time, effort and donations to make this a great year!

Your room parents,
_______________ , _____________ & ____________

Add Email Addresses for each room parent here as well