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Teacher’s Gift

9. Teacher's Gift

Teachers should only receive class gifts which should never exceed $200 total at the holidays and at the end of the year. This gift is part of the annual class fund.

Aide gifts are under your discretion. Typically Aides will receive $50 for holidays and $50 at the end of the year.

Teacher Appreciation Week/Birthday
During teacher appreciation week, or for your teacher’s birthday, please think of creative gifts that the children can make for the teacher. It does not need to be a monetary gift and it does not come out of the class budget.

Teachers have to adhere to an ethics code, excerpted here:

Decline gifts: A gift is a benefit we receive for which we did not pay. Gifts can include merchandise, food, tickets, use of facilities, investments, rebates or discounts not offered to the public, or forgiveness of debt from vendors, lobbyists, parents, students, or others. We will not accept gifts or gratuities in excess of $100 from a single source in a single year (aggregate retail value) or that give the appearance that the gift improperly influenced our decisions regardless of the amount. We will not solicit vendors, lobbyists, parents, or others for anything that provides us a personal benefit different from the public.