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Class Photos/Yearbook

3. Class Photos/Yearbook

Throughout the year as you take special photos of the students in your class, think about e-mailing them to the class, or putting them on Shutterfly to share. These pictures can also be used in your class yearbook. Right away you should designate a parent in the class to be the class photographer and in charge of the yearbook.

You must complete a class yearbook. The budget for an 8x11, 31-40 page hardback book is approx $30.00 for 24 students. The money should come out of the class fund. If a yearbook is made for the class, every child is to receive a yearbook whether or not the parents have contributed to the classroom voluntary donation funds. You should order the yearbook from Shutterfly a least 3 weeks before the end of the school.

** Fifth grade classes will have a grade level yearbook and should not do an individual class yearbook.