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Safety Volunteers

5. Safety Volunteers

With the growing population of Carpenter, the traffic and parking around our school has become overcrowded and unsafe. We need volunteers from the classroom to help with the valet line on Carpenter Avenue before school as well as help the crossing guard on Laurel Canyon to keep our students safe.

Every class from grades 1 - 5 will be assigned a week (3rd grade has 2 weeks) during the school year to help out with the safety team. Shifts are about 30 minutes before school. Three volunteers are required per day. I will email you a reminder and the sign up sheet one week and two weeks before your valet week.

Room Parents are responsible for getting volunteers. You will need to check the school calendar and the hand out at the RP meeting to see which weeks your class is assigned for. Use the sign up sheet emailed to you to help coordinate volunteers and fill in the shifts. You can post a sign up sheet on your shutterfly page. If no one signs up, it is your responsibility to personal call or ask people from your class for a commitment and in the end if there are spaces blank, you will have to cover the slot.