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Gala and Auction

E4. Gala and Auction (PFC)

Room Parents are crucial to the success of the Carpenter Gala & Auction. The Gala goal is to raise significant funds for our children's enrichment programs. The Gala is usually held the first weekend in May.

Room Parent responsibilities include:


  • The monies to cover the cost of sending your teacher and a guest to the Gala should be taken out of the voluntary class fund. Each year the amount of the ticket varies, but does not typically exceed $100.
  • If you have an aide in your class, please consult with your fellow room parents as to purchasing a ticket for that aide.


  • Class basket - Class Baskets are a themed basket that will be auctioned off at the Gala. Room Parents work together to decide on a theme for the basket, then you work together with parents in your room to fill the baskets with donated items. (The cost of the basket should not come from your classroom funds.)
  • Class Art Project – Class Art Projects are hugely popular auction items that parents love because of the pride and nostalgia these beautiful projects elicit. The projects can be done in any medium. Prior years’ projects include pottery, glazed ceramics, photography, painted items and more. (The money for this project is taken from the class fund.)
  • Please mind the deadlines. Class auction items will not be accepted after the deadline, which will be given at the Room Parent Gala Meeting.

3. DISTRIBUTE and COLLECT MONEY for Gala Raffle Tickets.

  • Specific details about the Gala raffle will be discussed with the Room Parents closer to the event. Please keep these activities in mind as you are dividing up your Room Parents’ duties.

If you have any questions about the Room Parent duties for the Gala & Auction please feel free to email Cindy Caryl: