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Beautification Days

E1. School Beautification Days (PTA)

We have two beautification days per school year. The first one is usually in September, is an outdoor clean and planting. The second one is in March, is mainly an indoor clean with some outdoor work as well.

We rely on as many parents as possible to help out for both beautification days to get all the projects completed. Additionally, as room parents, you play a significant role for the second beautification day.

You will need to:

  • Gather a "to-do" list from your teacher.
  • Enlist as many parent and student volunteers as possible to get all the work done inside the classroom.
  • Enlist enough volunteers to also help with the outside clean. 

The more volunteers you can get for inside the classroom the faster the cleaning and organizing will go and the more fun you will have getting the work done.